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A way of Living

From its inception, Maymar’s vision has centered on stepping away from the status quo and making quantum leaps in defining the real estate and construction landscape of the country. Maymar’s projects, often considered forward-looking and revolutionary at launch, are admired for their elegance and attention to detail after completion. Beyond that, Maymar’s venture into developing a township in the form of Gulshan-e-Maymar in the 1980s was in itself a bold move at that time, again emanating from its philosophy of testing uncharted waters. Maymar’s core philosophy has endured the test of time, and continues to be focused on changing the future landscape of the industry it participates in. Our vision for the next five years is to become the indisputable number one development and construction company in the country, and then leverage our local expertise to start to become a formidable player in the entire region.

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